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Open Art Short Film Festival 2016

Open Art Short Film Festival

The Open Art Short Film Festival’s main objective is to build a prominent networking and artistic connection between talented independent filmmakers, screenwriters and film enthusiast.

The Open Art Short Film Festival is an annual event taking place on 8th and 9th October 2016. The occasion will be hosted at the Metropol Kunst Kino in Düsseldorf.

Not only one of the biggest media and advertising cities in the World but Düsseldorf is also one of the most cultural and creative places to visit. With a of Museums, fashion trade shows, music festival and the longest bar in the World, this city has art and culture running through it’s veins. 
The festival will provide exposure and networking opportunities for filmmaking projects and creations. The OASFF provides a platform for independent new and old filmmakers and writers to launch their careers and share their creative talents

Festival Awards

Accolades will be awarded for the following disciplines. 

  • Best Short Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Performance
  • Best Fine Art Film
  • Best Dance Film
  • Audience Choice Award

Jury Award

The Jury Award* will be presented on Sunday 9th October 2016, during the Open Art Film Festival Awards closing ceremony. Awards are based on overall merit of the entries. Jury members reserve the right not to grant an award.

Audience Choice Award

All films screening are also eligible for an Audience Choice Award in their respected categories. Award winners are announced within one week following the Festival. The Audience Choice Award is based solely on audience voting at the film’s screening(s).


Narrative Film

A narrative film deals with a fictional or fictionalized story, event or narrative. In this style of film, believable narratives and characters help convince the audience that the unfolding fiction is real.

Dance / Music Film

A dance film is a film in which dance is a central theme of the story. In such a film, the creation of choreography typically exists only in film or video. At its best, dance films use filming and editing techniques to create twists in the plot line, multiple layers of reality, and emotional or psychological depth.

Fine Art / Experimental

A fine art film is typically a serious, independent film aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience. It is intended to be a serious artistic work, often experimental and is made primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit.

Rules for submission

  1. All films screening are also eligible for an Audience Award in their respected categories. Award winners are announced within one week following the Festival. The Audience Award is based solely on audience voting at the film’s screening(s). Short Films that have played in Düsseldorf  in a theatrical setting to a public audience prior to September 13, 2016 are not eligible to be screened at the Open Art Film Festival. This includes Shorts nights or other festivals.  We prefer shorts be Düsseldorf and Open Art Festival premiers.
  2. Any submitted film must no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 40 minutes.  There will be no exceptions to this rule. 
  3. When submitting a film please  ensure whether or not to enter the film is placed into the correct genre category, so the film will be watched with that in mind. The Open Art Film Festival reserves the right to switch the entry category to fit programming needs and interests and films WILL NOT BE penalized for the original submission selection.
  4. Once an entry payment has been processed we cannot provide a refund. If a payment is disputed, the account holder may be subject to any fees
  5. You MUST include your physical address in your submission form entry and in your cover letter. Please do not submit a film without giving us your address, which we need for our records.
  6. Please include in your cover letter if your film was NRW (Nord Rhein Westfallen) and if so, the name of the city. (include locations) We offer a special NRW which your film may be eligible and we don’t want to miss your film!
  7. All foreign language films MUST have English subtitles. 
  8. All submissions MUST be in PAL format. 
  9. Please send a screening copy of the film in DVD format, playable on standard DVD players.  DO NOT send press kits or fancy cases (we just throw those away ). 
  10. DO send your synopsis and, if desired, a cover letter introducing you/your film. 
  11. DVDs will not be returned under any circumstances.  
  12. For every film submitted there will be a 25,00- Euro fee. When this has been received we will confirm your presentation at the Open Art Short Film Festival 2016.  
  13. The submission fee is not refundable in any circumstances.




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I have read, understood, and accept the Rules and Regulations of the Open Art short Film Festival (OASFF). I understand that submission of my work authorizes OASFF the right to use the work for exhibition, education, and/or publicity purposes related to the festival and that OASFF is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work.

 Agreement to rules and disclaimer

Please transfer the full registration fee into the following konto:

Konto name: Colin Sinclair Bartholomew

Institution: Sparkasse Neuss

IBAN No: DE06 3055 0000 0093 4322 76


Reference: Open Art Film Festival 2016



Colin Sinclair (Festival Director)

Open Art Film Festival

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