Warren Richardson

Warren Richardson ( USA) Body Percussionist & Musician

Warren Richardson : April 17 2016

Artist Information (English)

I believe that the vibration and frequency of music is an enteral part of all of our lives. I cannot imagine growing up and not to have heard: Aretha Franklin, Steve Miller Band, Aero Smith, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Queen, Prince and countless others. The dynamic language of music through the ages has had so many positive effects on our lives, be it personal, social, politically or otherwise. Music brings us together in union of celebrating, recognizing and acknowledging. This unison of vibrations drives us to dance, sing, debate, love, reflect and think. Music and rhythm is integral to our soul. It is in our souls where music touches us. It is a major life force in all our lives and can be compared to the purity of Water: you need it for your basic survival and may take it for granted until one day – there is no more. Without it, we are missing the pulse, the core and major part of our balance as human beings to receive and absorb this entity to maintain part of our sanity and conduce serenity.

Artist Information (German)

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